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Alojamiento en Puerto Real

Gran Hotel Ciudad del SurGran Hotel Ciudad del Sur

The Hotel

A splendid hotel at the centre of Cadiz Bay

Gran Hotel Ciudad del Sur is owned by a familiar company in Puerto Real, it is run by the entrepreneur Manuel Catalan Mena, opened in March 2006 as the result of the practice acquired by Manuel Catalan and his relatives during twenty-five years in his first business the Hotel Restaurante Catalán.

It is placed in a residential area of Puerto Real in a peaceful environment and at three minutes driving distance from downtown. Gran Hotel Ciudad del Sur is built on a terrain of 20000 square meters. The Hotel main building has a contemporary architectonic style with decorative details of the second half of the 20th century. Its interiors rooms are characterized by comfort and spaciousness and designed to offer a great variety of services. The outdoor gardened area has plenty of available parking lots, a heliport, green zones, leisure spaces and walking ways.