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Accommodation for sport teams in Cadiz

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Sporting Events

Gran Hotel Ciudad del Sur is the best choice for sport teams and their pre-game meetings because of its excellent location, new facilities and personalised services. We have held several national and international sporting events like: La Vuelta 2022, La Liga Santander and La Liga Smart bank. Likewise, football teams of other Spanish league categories have trusted us and have used our hotel for their stay when playing in Cadiz.

The Hotel magnificent location connects in just a few minutes the centre of Cadiz with the football stadium Nuevo Mirandilla, Bahia Sur and Cadiz C. F. Sports Centre (El Rosal), this last one just at five minutes driving distance from our hotel.

Our facility has a private area of 44 rooms, meeting rooms for technical talks in private areas and direct access to the hotel to hold physiotherapy sessions.

Talking about food, we deeply know the particularities and requirements of sport diets. We are able to adapt ourselves and provide the requirements of our guests with the unexpected demands that could appear during their stays.

Thanks to our experience we were chosen by the Football Professional Association to hold the remaining last eight matches to be played in Cadiz because of the Covid 19.

Please get in touch with us and we will make you a unique commercial proposition

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  • We can offer accommodation in double use room (1 person), double room (2) or triple room (3 persons).
  • Concentration room or technical talks room.
  • Adapted schedules to sports team matches or trainings.
  • Stretching room.
  • Express check-in in Hotel and arriving time at 08:00 , depending on availability.
  • Express check-out and late check-out (up to 18:00), depending on avalilability.
  • Sports newspapers, ( under petition).
  • Massage room available.
  • Free bus parking lot.
  • Free Wireless internet connection in all rooms.
  • Pic-nic for tight schedules in sports team matches.